TEM Sample Cleaning
TEM Sample Gas Reaction
TEM sample cleaning, TEM sample gas reaction

Maximum Temperature

Base Pressure

Max.  Heating / Cooling Rate

750 °C

6.7×10-6 mbar

1 °C / sec

Dual Peltier Stages for Thermoelectric Devices
seebeck coefficient, seebeck effect, thermoelectric device
Stage for Eclipse Ti-U Inverted Microscopes
transmittance measurement, phase transition
resonant frequency measurement, optical vacuum chamber
Thermal Resonant Frequency Measurement
Photo Current Mapping
Resistive Gas Sensor Characterization
gas Sensor, hydrogen sensor
Raman Spectrometry
Vanadium dioxide(VO2) nanowire
Study of phase transition by temperature
MIT (Metal-Insulator Transition)
I-V measurement, metal insulator transition
Single crystalline VO2 nanobeams
Study of MIT (Metal-Insulator Transition)